The Ocean County law firm amplifies efforts in empowering mental health advocacy.

FORKED RIVER, NJ – Dasti & Staiger, a leading law firm in Ocean County, proudly announces the appointment of Lauren R. Staiger, Esq., to the RWJ Barnabas Behavioral Health Board. Staiger’s involvement marks a significant step forward in the firm’s mission to address the critical mental health needs of underserved individuals within the community.

When asked about her objectives in joining the board, Staiger shared, “My aim is to contribute to the enhancement of mental health services and advocate for the well-being of our community members who often go underserved. Through collaboration with the board, I hope to implement initiatives that promote access to quality mental health care and support systems.”

Staiger emphasized the alignment between her role on the board and Dasti & Staiger’s values, stating, “At Dasti & Staiger, we prioritize community engagement and making a positive impact in the lives of those around us. My involvement on the RWJ Barnabas Behavioral Health Board directly reflects our commitment to serving the community and addressing pressing social issues.”

Drawing from her experience as a partner at Dasti & Staiger, Staiger brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to the board. “My legal background, coupled with my passion for mental health advocacy, equips me to offer valuable insights and solutions to the challenges faced by the behavioral health sector,” she noted.

Staiger anticipates that her participation on the board will yield tangible benefits for both the local community and Dasti & Staiger’s reputation for community involvement. “By actively engaging with the board’s initiatives, we can make meaningful contributions to the well-being of our neighbors and strengthen our firm’s reputation as a compassionate and socially responsible entity,” she explained.

As March coincides with National Social Work Month, Staiger underscores the significance of this intersection in driving behavioral health initiatives and empowering the community. “National Social Work Month serves as a reminder of the invaluable role that social workers play in supporting individuals’ mental health and well-being,” she remarked. “Through collaborative efforts with social workers and community stakeholders, we can amplify our impact and foster a more resilient and empowered community.”

Lauren R. Staiger’s appointment to the RWJ Barnabas Behavioral Health Board exemplifies Dasti & Staiger’s unwavering commitment to community engagement and advocacy. With her leadership and dedication, the firm continues to pave the way for positive change and greater access to mental health resources within the community.

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Lauren R. Staiger, Esq.

Lauren R. Staiger, Esq.